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Verification eXpert Engineer

Algorithm eXpert Engineer

Opportunities @ Expery Applied


We are a dedicated group made up of talented and passionate people from around the world, literally. We pride ourselves on finding the best talent to help us succeed by creating the best products possible. Our ideal candidates are dedicated, skilled and entrepreneurial; we love people who are driven, creative and know how to be accountable.





For cutting edge consumer project we are hiring expert algorithms developer in the field of image processing.



Required Qualifications:


  • B.Sc. in Computer Science or a similar field (M.Sc./PhD is an advantage)

  • Vast experience with image processing algorithms for tracking and detection

  • Experience in converting algorithms from definition/theoretical level to optimized ASIC implementation level

  • Vast experience with Matlab

  • Good knowledge of implementing image processing algorithms in C++, C# or C software environments

  • Background in computer vision and machine learning


(JOB ID #100401)

Algorithm eXpert Engineer 




Verification eXpert Engineer (JOB ID #100201)







For design and building verification environment and lead verification methodology  for cutting edge consumer project.


Required Qualifications:


• EE/CS degree from a well-known university.
• Must have experience of at least 8 years in ASIC Verification.
• Must have deep knowledge in one or more of the following HVL: Specman, SystemVerilog
• Must have experience with relevant VLSI design and verification tools: Simulation (NCVerilog, VCS )

• Must have experience with advanced verification methodologies (constraint random, coverage oriented, verification reuse) as eRM, VMM, OVM, UVM.
• Must have vast experience with complete process of complex IC verification cycle
• Experience with scripts tools as Perl and TCL – advantage.
• Must have excellent communication skills in English and good interpersonal skills 






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